Jilly's fries have become an Ocean City tradition. No trip to the boardwalk would be complete without a big bucket for the entire family to share. Jilly’s fresh-cut french fries are amazing! Thick, crispy, & crinkly - just like french fries are supposed to be.

We use fresh Idaho Potatoes that are delivered daily. We then hand cut each and every potato right in the store. Our fries are fresh-cut daily and made to order, so when you order up a bucket of our finest, they’ll be piping hot and delicious.

And we have all the fixings you want; hot sauce, vinegar, etc. And if you think the fries are amazing, wait until you taste the funnel cake. Our funnel cake batter is home made with the same ingredients since the day we opened. Each cake is made to order and can be topped with traditional powdered sugar or dozens of choices of candy or fruit. The Boston Cream funnel cake is our favorite!

If that's not enough goodness to satisfy your fried food fix, Jilly's also now features the new craze of fried candy bars. Oreos, Snickers, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and the all new Deep Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. We use a frozen king sized candy bar, dip it into our special batter, and then let it take a swim in some hot oil. DELICIOUS!!

And after you've enjoyed all that tasty food, refresh your taste buds with a Fresh-Squeezed Jilly's Lemonade. Freshness is the keyword at Jlilly’s. The lemonade (and everything else for that matter) at the French Fry Factory is made fresh to ensure you get a memorable frech fry experience.

You’ll get fast, friendly service ay Jilly's, and the freshest batch of fries in Ocean City.


On the boardwalk at 10th Street.
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Jilly's fries have been called "the best fries on the boardwalk... hands down." And as you’re driving home after another fabulous trip to Ocean City, you’ll talk about the great bodysurfing, the cute lifeguards, and, of course, the big bucket of Jilly’s fries that you shared.

Visit Jilly's French Fry Factory in Ocean City, New Jersey!